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When school's OUT, bubble CAMP is on! Enjoy our fun day-long or week long workshops with a focus on creative learning, imagination, sensory play and art-making! Engaging, fun and enthusiastic teachers will lead your child through a variety of creative experiences with plenty of time for choice-making, outdoor and indoor play, exploration and of course loads of fun!


Summer CAMPs offer weekly themes that provide time for longer and shorter projects. Every project we present to children is offered as an invitation to design, create & explore. We value the way children interpret the project and take risks through trying new ideas. We value a mixed-age group as younger and older children can learn so much from working side by side and collaboratively on projects. We encourage risk taking, play, collaboration, problem solving, and imagination in each and every activity we plan! We make full use of our bubble EAST location and make time everyday (weather permitting) for outdoor play and picnics. There is something for EVERYONE at camp! 


Our camps are geared toward children ages 5-10. Children must be 5 in order to come to our mixed age camps. Camps run Monday - Friday throughout the summer. Each camper should bring a NUT-FREE bagged lunch & bring a water bottle.